Abrasive Wheel Awareness and Held Cutting Saws


Candidates who have previous experience of operating a hand held saws. They should be over the minimum school leaving age. Candidates should have a reasonable degree of physical fitness


ABRASIVE-WHEEL-AWARENESS-ANOn completion of the course, candidates will know how to operate and change a cutting blade safely and correctly in accordance with the manufactures handbook and accepted good practice on a hand held cutting saw. They will also understand the safe use of cutting saws and will be able to carry out routine pre-use inspection of the cutting discs and saw.


  • Health and Safety legislation
  • Training DVD’s
  • Correct PPE
  • Pre inspections of cutting discs
  • Pre inspections of cutting saws
  • Mounting of cutting discs
  • De Mounting of cutting discs
  • Correct transportation
  • Correct stowage
  • Fuelling of the hand held saw
  • Starting procedures of a hand held saw


5 Hours