Rough Terrain Lift Truck


Candidates who have no previous or little experience of operating plant machinery. The candidate should have a reasonable degree of physical fitness.


rough-terrain-truckOn completion of the course, candidates will be able to operate the Rough Terrain Lift Truck safely and correctly in accordance with the manufactures handbook and accepted good practice. The candidate will have the knowledge and understanding in order to carry out pre-start and function test. Configure the Rough Terrain Lift Truck for travelling over uneven ground assessing loads, transporting loads, carrying out controlled hill starts, loading a vehicle bed and loading a scaffold tower at various heights. Place the Rough Terrain Lift Truck in an out of service condition. Carry out general maintenace.


  • Health and Safety legislation
  • Training DVD’s
  • Correct PPE
  • Introduction to the Rough Terrain Lift Truck
  • Pre-start and function checks
  • Load Charts and Rated Capacity Indicators
  • Starting, moving and stopping the machine
  • Operation of hydraulic controls
  • Driving on Inclines
  • Carrying out hill starts
  • Assessing loads
  • Transporting various loads
  • Load a lorry bed
  • Load on to scaffold at various heights
  • Re fueling
  • Parking the machine correctly
  • General Maintenance


1-Day Health & Safety Classroom based.
4-Days Theory & Practical on site